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Zig and Larry Ignore a Topic

Dec 27, 2021

NYE, bay-bee! Joke thievery, how advice is crap, the worst and laziest article ever written about being lonely, and some of our own tips to help out. 

Dec 20, 2021

It's a Spliffmas Miracle! The holiday episode...where we don't really talk much about the holiday. Larry talks about five old rock stars that are super huge suck holes and one that is an angel on earth. Also, Yule Goat, Odin, The Wild Hunt, and we coin a new medical term.


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Dec 13, 2021

Zig smells funny, Larry has discovered a distaste for sturgeon, a Danish children's cartoon with a whimsical prehensile penis, death, ennui, cannibalism, unstoppable monsters...but it's all for kids!

Dec 6, 2021

After taking last week off to, you know, come out of the hospital, Zig comes back to tell the tale of what happened and some hospital stories and Larry relates with some of his own injuries, hospital fails, and the biggest horn he's ever seen. 

Nov 29, 2021

Alright, look, Zig got hurt. We threw this together to post. But it's a few clips from some of our favorite episodes.