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Zig and Larry Ignore a Topic

Jun 28, 2021

That's right, the podcast with a short attention span actually made it a full year without missing an episode! Through sound issues, power outages, and a whole slew of technical issues, these two keep throwing out a D+ effort. This is episode one of two where they talk about their favorite moments and give updates on...

Jun 21, 2021

Zig is recording on location, Larry shares his meeting with Poseidon while on vacation, wasteful government spending, baby racoons, giant dogs, and their very first guest!!!

Jun 14, 2021

Zig struggles to discuss things he didn't know about the body, Larry struggles to stay alive during this episode...look, just going to say it, the guys struggled hard through most of this. Apparently that's what a five day bender will do to's still funny. Mostly due to their suffering.

Jun 7, 2021

Oh boy! The good old days. A simpler time. In some people's opinions, a more innocent time...if your idea of innocence is skeezy older dudes hitting of teenage girls! (Which, you know, the guys don't.)