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Zig and Larry Ignore a Topic

May 31, 2021

Why, God? Why? Zig mercilessly presents recipes your grandma (or great-grandma) would have served at a barbiturate and gin soaked 1950's dinner party. It's nightmare and indigestion fuel. These recipes are truly a crime against nature.

May 22, 2021

Drugs, booze, parenthood, comedy, reptiles used as projectiles, a tentacled Japanese sculpture (but NOT that), Florida, true crime, sex, and other things that will make Apple's algorithm find us easier. 


May 17, 2021

Larry's smoldering indifference, Zig's infinite patience with Larry derailing the show, and both of them are appalled (so you know it's bad) at some of the biggest businesses ill-advised advertising campaigns. (However, Gushin' Granny Mountain Dew deserves to see the light of day.) Listen while a sketch comedy writer...

May 10, 2021

This is a great episode. Zig talks about his curation of a hangover, the scatalogical adventures of city life, and Larry tells Zig all about three women who were awarded sainthood who are "both beautiful and terrible as the Morning and the Night!" (Yes, we're quoting Tolkien.)

May 3, 2021

Hangover remediation, vaccinations, getting to do gigs again, alternative pronunciations of a Patrick Swayze movie, and the guys share their best, worst, and favorite jobs.